Services that LiveEx Provides!

Our services can add value to real time business solutions which may help to streamline business processes. We focus on the needs of customers. depending on the needs and size of your organization, our solutions can be used to streamline your business-to-business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) processes. Circuit Computer can identify the areas where you can leverage the Internet to make your organization run more smoothly.

Ciruit Computer International has a well-defined and mature application development process. This process comprises of the complete SDLC that ranges from business case analysis to warranty support of the application. Additionally, his process supports the distributed delivery environment.

The application development methodology can be used for:

  • New Application Development
  • Existing Application Enhancement (Patch Management)
  • Application Consolidation
  • Application Migration
  • E-Commerce based Application Development

Architecture Consultancy Today, Companies require a unified approach based on a formal IT strategy that is in line with the organization’s mission, business goals and key processes. This demands development of the enterprise frameworks, applications and solutions that ensure rationalisation of the existing IT infrastructure to deliver maximum value.

Remittance Solutions Circuit Computer Provides the complete ERP for Remittance business along with detailed compliance/AML and CRM. The Forward deals also a part of our application where as non-of other service provider have such controlled application. The preferred is Prototype Methodology. The team diversified experience to implement same in many countries with different scenario leads for in-time implementation.

Inventory Management Quotation Management, Order Management, Invoice Management, Sales Team Managment, Customer Management, Stock Indications (kpi's and benchmarks),Serial Number Tracking, Fifo/lifo Cost Tracking, Item Pricing Mechanism, Remote access, Web core module, Flexible reporting , SMS Notification and Email Notification

B2B Circuit Computer International has a team highly experienced in providing backend independent B2E solution that clean up and streamline all existing processes.

Enterprise Resource Planning Circuit Computer International provides solutions in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and helps you in automating the entire enterprise. This helps speed up transactions across the organization phenomenally. These solutions are typically integrated with supply chain, HR and Payroll systems and e-businesses.

Forex Trading Platforms - allow for the manual management and execution of forex trades. Technical Analysis - provides charts of historical exchange rates and technical indicators. Trading Signal Generators - provide recommended levels at which forex traders can initiate and close out positions Automated Forex Trading Software or Forex Robots - execute trades automatically based on a pre-programmed trading algorithm.

Customer Accounts Management, Forward Deals Managements, Forward Deals Merger Management,Forward Deals Revaluations and Profit Analysis, Categorized Business Exposure Management, Speculation Theory Prevention, Summarized and detailed Analysis and Business KPI's.

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