LiveEx – Complete ERP Solution for Money Exchanges

Many Money Exchanges are slowed down by software that provides lengthy front desk operations and irregular and undecipherable back desk ones. With increasing regulatory pressures, complex global operations, rising demand for innovative customer service and new competitors entering the market, Currency Exchange Centres cannot afford to be bogged down by fossilised software. This is where Ciruit Computer International saw an opportunity for innovation.

LiveEx REMITTANCE – Customised Solution for Money Transfer

LiveEx REMITTANCE Application offers you customized Money Transfer solutions in all currencies across the Globe. Developed on the latest .Net platform it has many unique and never before features to aid fast money remittance. Now you can beat the competition by offering the most profitable solution to your valued customers.

SoftEx RECON – Patch Application for Party/Bank Reconciliation

Reconciliation is the process through which Money Exchanges track all monthly transactions and match all remittances with deliverances. Every exchange enterprise values the contribution of reconciliation towards its profit. Fast Recon uses the latest available technology to give you all reconciliation reports quickly and precisely.

SoftEX Load – Patch Application

SoftExLOAD is newly introduced application patch which specially designed to be a part of money exchange existing software. For online remittance which are being process by third party web sites like ARY Speed Remit, Instant Cash, EzRemit, AUB Remit and Express Money etc. you can use the SoftLoad to make that transactions part of yours exchange company software. It reduces the double data entry effort and increases the system data accuracy.

LiveEx ERP online

LiveEx Modules includes: Quotation Management,Order/Job Management,Invoicing, Procurement,Stock Management,Production,Inventory Movement,System User Management, Financial Accounts,Budget and Planning,Plant Management/ Security,Marketing,Integration& Interfaces Fixed Assets ,Payroll, C R M, Sales Team Managment, Customer Management, Stock Indications (kpi's and benchmarks),Serial Number Tracking, Fifo/lifo Cost Tracking, Item Pricing Mechanism, Remote access, Web core module, Flexible reporting , SMS Notification and Email Notification.

Features of Live Ex:
   ▪ Multi User / Multi Branches / Multi Currency
  ▪ Easy to Train
  ▪ From JVs to GL and Balance Sheet in a flash
  ▪ Low cost of ownership
  ▪ Easy to customize
  ▪ 24*7 online and on call support
  ▪ Executive Dashboard – the pulse of
     the business on your mobile (24*7)
  ▪ Daily Reports for Management control and Regulators
  ▪ Free Hosting services for App and Database
  ▪ Total Visibility into Your Business
  ▪ Improved Results
  ▪ Increased Productivity
  ▪ Increased Profits
  ▪ Improve Focus and Alignment to Gain Competitive

  ▪ Flexibility for Business Growth
 ▪ Be Mobile – Take Your Business Intelligence with You

Modules of Live Ex:
  ▪ Sales And Distribution
• Quotation Preparation / Amendments
• Quotation Status Management
• Order Creation / Amendments
• Invoice Management
• Multiple Invoice Management for single order
• Sales Order
• Sale Single / Multiple Payment Card
• Credit Limit, Risk Management for Payment Cards
• Detailed Stock History Item wise
• Controlled Item Groping approach
• Pricing Configuration
• Taxation Configuration
• SD. KPI & Alerts (SMS / Email) for client and management
• SD. Authorization, Compliance, Remarks and Tracking Management
• SD. KPI & Alerts (SMS / Email) for client and management

  ▪ Customer Relationship Management
• Centralized customer storage
• Risk based analysis
• Periodic analysis to choice / lead marketing
• Customer id-image repository (ensure fast processing)
• Customer access corridor, for inquires / promotions (black box)
• Customer tightly coupled along with correspondent (ensure secrecy)
• Multiple id associated with one customer (ensures compliance strength)
• Marketing feeds
• Notification management. Email and sms
• Kpi bench mark mechanism
• Multilingual input
  ▪ Financial Accounting
• The data entry based on Maker/Checker/Supervisor
• The data entry controlled with Credit Limit (company policy)
• Journal Voucher , Funding Module , Transfer Request , Cash Moment Module
• Bank Payment & Bank Receipt
• PDC (post dated cheque) Management
• Expense Vouchers (company policy)
• Customer Defined Chart of Account
• Budget management
• P/L projection
• Fixed Assets
• Auto Reconciliation
  ▪ System User Management Module
• User Group Management
• Group Based Flexible User Rights Management
• 4-Eye Principle implemented
• User Log Reports/ Audit Trail can be tracked to specific user level.
• User Password Policy Management
  ▪ Raw Material Stock Movement
• Nth levels of stock management, handling, financials and inventory movements.
• Automation of movement of stocks with online approvals .
• Flexible stock level management as per business requirement. .
• Transit shipment and stock management.
• Stock at port administration .
• Controlling of other locations / warehouses stock .
• In transit stock management .
• Supervision of gate inward receipts.
• Systematically inventory management through bar codes.
• Inventory tracking of different levels through master reference number.
  ▪ Procurement Process
• Procurement Entry and Approval (Purchase requisitions)
• Handling of multiple purchase orders and approvals
• Purchase Invoices with buying prices and Approvals
• Purchase Expenses incur while handling and holding of inventories
• Quotations / Purchase Invoices upload feature
  ▪ Production and Processing
• Organization of raw stock for production
• Stock processing / manufacturing / consumption
• Finished goods (eg. Processing, polishing, packaging)
• Finished goods store management
  ▪ Job Order Management
• Job order creation
• Automatic job costing
• Job order completion
• Delivery
  ▪ Correspondent Management
• Account Opening / Suspension / Legal
• Funds Management Mechanism
• Account Assessment & Categorization
• Account Risk Management and Credit Limit
• Notification Management
• Remarks Management / Compliance
• Query / Inquiry Management
  ▪ Human Resource Management
• Employee master record setup
• Salaries / benefits setup and processing
• Payroll (salaries / benefits) setup and processing
• Employees advances and settlements
  ▪ Customer / Supplier Master Management
• Comprehensive customer management, individual GL mapping enabled
• Comprehensive supplier management, individual GL mapping enabled
• Credit limit and risk assessment
• Important documents uploading facility for paper less environment
  ▪ Item Master Management
• Item grouping
• Item pricing management
• Item UOM, secondary UOM and auxiliary UOM
  ▪ Live Ex Security
• MAC-ID, Configuration
• Black Box Coding Methodology
• Avoid System Interrupts
• SQL injection
• Object Oriented Coding Techniques
• Cryptography, SSL , TSL
• Application Access Control / Business Rules Implementation
• Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity
• Cryptography, SSL , TSL
• XML, JSON and general API security • Truncation attacks, trimming attacks , Clickjacking
• Cross-site request forgery (CSRF)
• (Un) trusted input , Password CTRL.
• Cross-site scripting (XSS)
• Session fixation , Session stealing
• Pre-fetching and Spiders
  ▪ System Security Management
• SSL Based Application
• 2nd layer Security, only authorized computer can access the system
• GUID, 12 digits self explain AUTO ID, for EACH outward transaction based on individual and country level.
• TEST Key –generator, Test Key based data entry from agent location
  ▪ Software Integration
• API Integration
• FTP, Bulk File Integration
• Portal UPLOAD, Bulk File Integration
• Integration With Correspondent API
• Checksum & CRC Algorithms, Bulk File Integration
  ▪ Compliance Module
• GST– Enabled (real-time)
• OFAC Enabled – (real-time)
• Protection as of Agent defined criteria’s as per Agent Country law’s as well as international law’s
• Auto Transaction Block Mechanism (based on company policy/central bank limit. )
• Compliance Management Module

LiveEx Forex Trading

Trading Platforms - allow for the manual management and execution of forex trades. Technical Analysis - provides charts of historical exchange rates and technical indicators. Trading Signal Generators - provide recommended levels at which forex traders can initiate and close out positions Automated Forex Trading Software or Forex Robots - execute trades automatically based on a pre-programmed trading algorithm.

LiveEx Rate Board

Rate Board is a SMART TV based RATE display system through secure Android-TV App.There is no infrastructure required like CPU, HDMI Cable, Laptop etc.The Major Advantages of this Product is Fully customizable ,Simple design enabling Multimedia advertising through TV. Rate Board is Cost effective and have 24/7 support and service

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